An extreme precision driving, as if it were the risk action of a movie, will have you stuck to your seat on every turn.

You will be received by our staff at the Backstage LADP Experience meeting point, the entrance will be through the door next to the gas station, our BUZZ'S GAS store, from our Theater of Specialists of the thematic area Movie World Studios. You will have to go at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the pass.

Then, you can meet our specialists (Stuntdrivers) and be part of the excitement of a real movie set while we accompany you to take a tour of the backstage, we show the vehicles of our LADP StuntShow with our team.

You can see our drivers driving in a real driving exhibition, then you will be placed in a BMW 3 Series, giving a round of recognition where they will explain the actions and choreography. Next, we will start the adrenaline-filled experience with drift-style driving.

At the end of the driving experience you can pick up your video at our BUZZ'S GAS store in the Movie World Studios area, one hour before the park's closing time.

The BackStage LADP Experience includes:

  • Return to the track with the pilot, with an open helmet for your protection and with the BMW3 series car.
  • Choreography in drift style for 4 laps on the show track, with one of our LADP Stuntshow riders.
  • LADP cap and preferred seat in the LADP show.
  • Custom on-board video of your experience.

Every day until the end of the season.


  • When the park closes to 20:00 – 17:00.
  • When the park closes to  21:00 – 18:15.
  • When the park closes to 22:00 – 17:45 y 19:15.
  • When the park closes to 24:00 – 15:45 y 20:15.

There will be 4 people per pass.

For sale on our website ONLINE or in the park in the BUZZ'S GAS store, next to the Theater of Specialists of the Movie World Studios theme area.

The price will be € 48.90 online or € 49.90 in the park per person. Limited units

The estimated time per participant for this exclusive experience will be approximately 25 minutes.

Several clients attend each session or pass. Depending on the number of participants at that moment, you can have a wait between 5 to 10 minutes.

Conditions for the activity:

The participant must comply with the following requirements when carrying out the activity program:

  • Participants in this experience must have a valid pass / entry to enter the park.
  • To participate, you must present your ID or passport, and sign the consent and commitment sheet for good behavior.
  • Participants are advised to wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes during the day.
  • Participants must be over 18 years of age and must have a minimum of 155 cm and a maximum height of 195 cm. The participation day will be measured and if the participant does not comply with the height restriction, they will not be able to participate and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Participants must have a maximum weight of 125 kg, with a maximum hip size of 115 cm to ensure a secure adjustment of the safety belt.
  • Participants must be able to speak and / or understand Spanish or have a translator participate with them in the program. People acting as a translator should advise the staff at the beginning of the program. Translators must meet all criteria.
  • Participants should be able to follow the instructions quickly for the satisfaction of the accommodation or pilot staff.
  • The participants must have controlled motor movement and must be able to leave the car and the track quickly without the help of the pilot or accommodation personnel.
  • According to medical advice, participants should not be pregnant, with injuries, pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities and should communicate directly with Medical Services to determine if they are fit to participate in the driving experience.
  • Civil liability insurance is included.

Incidents cancellation or modification of date / time.

  • Time: For safety reasons it is possible that sometimes the activity can not be carried out on the date and time scheduled due to weather conditions. If the activity can not be started, an alternative date or time will be offered.
  • Mechanical failure: In the unlikely event that there is a mechanical failure in the day, we reserve the right to offer an alternative date or to replace the car with another equivalent.