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Can I park my car in the car park? How much does it cost?

Warner Park and Warner Beach Park has a car park with a capacity for more than 7,000 vehicles.
The price for a whole day is: Car: 8€, Motorbike: 5€, Caravan: 9€, Sheltered parking space: 10€.

What is the Roadrunner pass?

Your Roadrunner pass allows you to enjoy your favourite rides and shows with special access to them. And as many times as you like! You can obtain it from the park shops.
See more about the Roadrunner pass. In Warner Beach Park we have THE FLASH PASS to save time in collecting the floats of some of our attractions. You can buy it in the stores of the Park.

Can I bring my own food?

No. For health and safety reasons you cannot bring food in from outside the park enclosure. Don’t forget that you can buy your menu online with a 14% discount.

I want to make a group booking

Consult the admission fees and prices for tickets to the Warner Park and Warner Beach Park the calendar and opening times. Remember that you can get a discount of €4 when you buy your tickets to the Warner Park on the internet.

What will the weather be like?

Click here to see what the weather is going to be like.

 How can I get there?

You can get to the Warner Park and Warner Beach Park either by car, bus and Renfe train service.

Information for people following a gluten-free diet

Warner Park and Warner Beach Park offers gluten-free dishes in some of the park restaurants and they all have a stamp of guarantee from the FACE (pasties, croquettes, baguettes, etc.). We recommend that you ask the restaurant manager for more information, or Customer Service, which can be found next to the main entrance to the park or at Warner Beach Park ticket offices. In exceptional circumstances, Warner Park allows visitors to enter with food for the person with a gluten-free diet, provided that a medical report is presented and the quantity and content of the food is justified.

Rules and recommendations for disabled people

In Parque Warner the entrance for people with disabilities includes a free companion and fast access to the attractions for 3 companions. It will be necessary to present a document certifying the disability (33% or higher).
In Parque Warner Beach, the entrance for people with disabilities includes a free companion. It will be necessary to present a document certifying the disability (33% or higher). Please note that Warner Park has a guide for visitors with disabilities to facilitate their visit with all the necessary information.
Parque Warner recommends that you be cautious when using our attractions.
Parque Warner recommends that people with disabilities have access to the attraction accompanied by a person who can help them if necessary.
This is because the attractions can be technical stops.
help that person to leave the attraction if there is a technical stop is needed.
In the case of people with intellectual disabilities, we recommend that the person accompanying him is trustworthy, and explain what is happening during the operation of the attraction.
People with amputation of a limb and prosthesis must pass information to professionals recommend you park safer attractions.
We have a private parking.
The car park has places reserved for vehicles of people with reduced mobility.
The squares are blue and are near the entrance to the park.
In order to use these places, the official vehicle parking card for people with reduced mobility is necessary.
The card must be placed in a visible place on the vehicle.
Entrance to the park
Our parks have a reduced rate for visitors with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%.
To apply, they must present the disability certificate or card and the ID or identification document.
There is also free access for a companion.
When a person with a disability purchases their ticket at a reduced rate they will give a colored wristband at Parque Warner
With this bracelet the visitor with disabilities and up to three companions can enter the attractions through the special access areas enabled for them in Parque Warner.
The special zones are marked.
The holders of the "Annual Pass" may request the bracelet at the Customer Service office for Parque Warner.
Many attractions available
All Warner Park attractions are signposted.
Each attraction has a sign with the rules of use that the visitor has to fulfill.
It is very important to read these posters as it contains the limitations for the use of the attraction for safety reasons.
There are notices of height, age or access for people with disabilities and it is necessary to follow the instructions of the Park staff.
People with disabilities and up to 3 companions, can go to the attractions through the special area in Warner Park
If they want to repeat and there is a line, they should wait 15 minutes.
In Parque Warner the attractions are divided into 3 levels of intensity and each one is identified with a color. This level is also indicated on the posters.
- Intense. The fastest attractions, strong feeling and more "adrenaline".
- Moderate. Medium intensity attractions.
- Soft. The quietest and children's attractions.
We recommend that you check the level of the attraction and decide if you can go up.
For safety reasons, it is imperative that the visitor can maintain a firm position on the seat of the attraction.
Some attractions have a safety harness that protects and holds completely.
If you notice that the security mechanisms do not fit or hold you perfectly, notify the attraction staff.
In some attractions you may need the help of your companion to access and exit the attraction.
Some of our attractions have effects with lights that turn and dazzle.
To ride these attractions it is recommended that people sensitive to light consult their doctor.
Never remove the arms or legs of the vehicle or boat from the attraction.

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