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Cartoon Village is a little village that is very rarely peaceful. ACME, the super company that appears in the Warner cartoons, of which WILE E. COYOTE e is a loyal customer, and which manufactures all sorts (from rockets to dynamite, glues and motorised skates), inspires the name of the ride Juegos de Agua, a ride that can be found very close to the Rápidos ACME. Both rides are located in this area of the Warner Park Madrid.

In ACME: Juegos de Agua, a variety of water games will give the little ones the chance to freshen up. Summer ride, which is formed of plenty of enjoyable jets of water that children will share with the LOONEY TUNES: Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam and DAFFY DUCK are hanging around…  and watch out, because they want you to get as wet as possible, whatever the cost!

Attraction is open subject to weather conditions.

Did you know...?

This is a water ride in which the use of footwear is obligatory. It is inspired by the famous ACME, the supposed acronym of the “American Company that Makes Everything”. It is a fictitious brand that appears in the Warner factory cartoons.

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