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Cartoon Village also has a postal service, like any small village of standing. But... Have you ever thought about how the post is delivered in the Looney Tunes Park? Two planes deliver the missives, and Elmer Fudd is responsible for them. Would you like to help him out? Whilst Elmer Fudd is in the control tower, you can become the postman, together with Daffy Duck.

Correo Aéreo is one of the most popular rides at Cartoon Village, children love climbing aboard these small, entertaining planes. And the view of the Looney Tunes Park  are also spectacular!

Did you know...?

The fastest plane in the world, the Falcon HTV-2 flies at a hypersonic speed (in other words, it exceeds the speed of sound by five times or more, greater than 6,000 km/h). 

Our very own airmail plane is almost as fast, with just a very slight difference!

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