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  • Atracción Stunt Fall | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Stunt Fall | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Stunt Fall | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Stunt Fall | Parque Warner Madrid


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Maximum Height
195 cm
Minimum Height
137 cm

Stunt Fall is the roller coaster for the specialists. The specialists are the fundamental professionals of action cinema, the authentic protagonists of the scenes that revolve around persecutions, explosions, drops...Do you want to feel like a cinema specialist for a few minutes? Stunt Fall, in the thematic area of Movie World Studios, is home to a roller coaster that is spectacular and peculiar, making it a unique roller coaster in Europe. We are talking about a roller coaster that simulates an action scene through the course of the ride, and which has six rather intense loops.

Themed with test cars for extreme scenes, as well as with explanatory panels with interesting facts about the work of specialists and special effect technicians, Stunt Fall stands out for its records. Here are just a few figures... 115 km/hour at top speed, 65 metres in height and a completely unnerving boomerang effect -the vertigo that it causes is even greater than in the other roller coasters, as first it runs its normal course and then in goes in the reverse direction-.

Do you like to feel adrenalin? Then there's no doubt about it... Stunt Fall is the roller coaster for you at Warner Park! We dare you to feel the double effect of vertigo when action scenes roll by.

Did you know...?

It is one of the toughest rides at Movie World Studios, and one of the most acclaimed rides by visitors to the park. In terms of its capacity, 870 people can ride it every hour. Santiago Segura was its sponsor at the opening on 8th August 2002 (although in the end he declined from riding it).

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