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  • Atracción Tom y Jerry | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Tom y Jerry | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Tom y Jerry | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Tom y Jerry | Parque Warner Madrid


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Minimum Height
120 cm
Minimum Height Accompanied
120 cm

The Tom & Jerry roller coaster attracts adults and little ones like a magnet. Little ones love it, because it is one of the most fun rides on offer at Warner Park. Their mums and dads will love it, because this roller coaster is one worth experiencing as a family.

The setting of the ride is an enormous picnic with all sorts of details: large-scale plates and cutlery, cartons of juice acting as a bridge over which the convoy passes (to the delight of its passengers), a brilliant ride with good rises and falls!

Do you feel brave enough to climb aboard such a delightful ride? It might be the first time that your children ride on a roller coaster. Cartoon Village is the area where this entertaining ride is located, which is a genuine and exciting adventure for boys and girls: they will all enjoy a journey with impressive surprise bends, linked with the great barbecue on which this children's roller coaster is based.

So are you climbing aboard? If the answer is yes, then hold on tight to your little one and hold on until the last bend, you can take a photo to act as a souvenir when you leave the ride! We also offer you an on ride video of your experience through this famous picnic. Discover the Tom & Jerry roller coaster, a very exciting experience in the most entertaining setting.

Did you know...?

This is the most visited ride in Parque Warner. Out of all of the roller coasters found in the park, it is the one with the longest train and the greatest capacity.

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