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  • Infected Z: Scare Zone


Dates and Times

Show available in Halloween season. From October 4 to November 3, 2019.


Walk of Lake Warner Bros. Studios.

Discover this new area of ​​outdoor terror near Lake Warner Bros. Studios.

This year, experience the terror of the hand of terrifying undead in Infected Z: Scare Zone. A new quarantined area, affected by a deadly danger virus. Horrifying zombies can appear at any time and anywhere, therefore, you should not stop. Find the most fearsome beings and run when you see on the horizon that they are heading towards you. Beware of the gloomy environment, at any moment you could run into one of these horrible beings that lurk in all corners. We believe that this year the virus has spread all around the lagoon of Warner Bros. Studios. Stay tuned!, everyone is infected in Infected Z: Scare Zone.

This attraction will only open when the sun goes down and is not recommended for impressionable people, who suffer from claustrophobia or under 13 years.

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