• Celebration Parade | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Celebration Parade | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Celebration Parade | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Celebration Parade | Parque Warner Madrid


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After a day of real fun Parque Warner offers the visitor a great weekend party with an impressive parade, all the characters, with their vehicles and floats take us to the world of Hollywood cinema.

A parade of characters and cars that runs through the avenues of Parque Warner every afternoon. The day at Parque Warner Madrid is ending, the sun is falling and visitors are rushing the last hours. The park is a 'non-stop-fun' enclosure. After having climbed several impressive roller coasters - for children and adults - like Tom & Jerry, Superman: The Steel Attraction, Stunt Fall ... Or having known the hilarious water attractions of the park (ACME Rapids, Wild Falls or Bear Yogi, among them). After touring the countless children's attractions in Cartoon Village, the thematic area that pays homage to the unforgettable cartoons of Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera.

Touch relax and have a drink. The day has given a lot of itself, and not only for the amount of dizzying attractions of the five thematic areas. Also for the shows enjoyed in spaces like the Theater of Specialists or the Looney Tunes Theater. Or the viewing of animated films in the Chinese Theater - the wonderful replica of the Californian Grauman's Chinese Theater, where Cecil B. DeMille premiered "King of Kings" in 1927-, a place that undoubtedly makes you travel to another era.

You have lived numerous meet & greet with our favorite animated stars: Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, the Flintstones and Porky Pig, among many others. It seems incredible that there is still a surprising finish. Nothing less than the final parade with which Parque Warner entertains its visitors and tells them "see you next time!". A wonderful show that this year commemorates the park's 15th anniversary. We are talking about a great parade!

A stellar parade

The 'star system' of the cartoons, Hollywood stars, emblematic characters of the Warner factory ... They all come together in a farewell parade that invites viewers to return. Our characters, flanked by an agile body of dancers, march aboard film trucks, convertibles ... You can not miss vehicles as famous as the Batmobile, the Mystery Machine (the van used by Scooby-Doo and his friends), the jeep with that the Bear Yogi and Bubú cross Jellystone Park, the Troncomóvil of Pedro and Vilma Picapiedra, and of course the Mobile Looney!

The cars of Loca Police Academy - protagonists, motorized, of the spectacle with specialists of the park - participate in the parade with their "figures" (Mahoney and Commander Lassard). Stars like the great Scooby-Doo (Hanna-Barbera), never miss this walking show. Nor our beloved gang of Looney Tunes, who say goodbye to park visitors, after an intense day of fun and laughter: Bugs Bunny, Pato Lucas, Silvestre and Tweety. A cute cartoon to wish you back soon to Warner Park.

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