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  • Pasaje Infantil EL BOSQUE ANIMADO
  • Pasaje Infantil EL BOSQUE ANIMADO
  • Pasaje Infantil EL BOSQUE ANIMADO
  • Pasaje Infantil EL BOSQUE ANIMADO
  • Pasaje Infantil EL BOSQUE ANIMADO


Dates and Times

Dias de cierre a las 21:00: De 12:30 a 19:00 Dias de cierre a las 22:00: De 12:30 a 20:00 Horario y pases continuos


Next to the ACME Rapids attraction

Even the little ones will want to explore this children's labyrinth and discover the beings that live in the forest. A family passage that houses a fun themed tour in a lively forest, where you will find fantastic beings that will tell extraordinary and fun stories for the whole family.


This forest is transformed into Halloween and numerous beings inhabit it with a story where the smallest of the house will be participants in that it is restored well.

On Halloween The Hazel Witch will bewitch the entire Forest and try to end the seasons. Only with the help of the bravest and the collaboration of other beings such as the scarecrows or the Minotaur will the little ones be in charge of recovering the seasons and the celebration of the Halloween party in the Autumn season.


A magical place full of surprises and adventures where elves and fairies are waiting for everyone to have a great time at Christmas. Thanks to the Snow Queen, the Christmas spirit will return to this Forest.

Immerse yourself in the ACME building and enter a magical forest where the Snow Queen will return the magic of Christmas to the forest with the help of all the friendly inhabitants, who will need the help of the brave children (and not so children) to recover The spirit of Christmas. Do not miss this adventure for the whole family!

Suitable for all audiences. Located in Cartoon Village.

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