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  • Magical Lights Parade
  • Magical Lights Parade
  • Magical Lights Parade


Dates and Times

Espectáculo disponible en temporada de Navidad. Del 30 de noviembre al 05 de enero de 2020. Dias de cierre a las 21:00h: 19:15 Dias de cierre a las 22:00h: 20:15


Avenida de Nueva York

At nightfall discover this new show of dance and lights where our cast of artists meet with Santa Claus and with Bugs and Lola Bunny come together for the lighting of our Christmas tree.

After a countdown, all the lights on the facade will light up to illuminate the Christmas of all attendees. Celebrate it with all the Warner Bros characters to the beat of the best music and let the spirit of Christmas envelop you.

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