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Espectáculo disponible en temporada de Navidad. Del 30 de noviembre al 05 de enero de 2020. Dias de cierre a las 21:00: 15:30, 16:45, 18:00, 19:15 Dias de cierre a las 22:00: 16:00, 17:15, 18:30, 19:45


Teatro Hollywood

This year Warner Park premieres a new musical where the whole Christmas tradition will meet every day at the Hollywood theater. Discover in a classic musical show like Santa Claus will do the impossible so that the children of the world recover the spirit of Christmas.

A musical show lasting 40 minutes that will delight all attendees, where our cast of artists will represent popular Christmas songs, dances and choreographies of all kinds ... including a claquet number.

Do not miss it! Every day at the Hollywood Theater!

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