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  • La Llorona: Pasaje del Terror



Pase Rápido Halloween


Beside the lake

A new passage of terror that mixes indoor and outdoor sequences with a duration of 10 minutes and a route of more than 200 meters between winding roads, tall trees and areas with low light.
This new passage of terror, the only one in the world based on the 2019 movie “La Llorona,” produced by James Wan, features new special effects, live actors and bewildering lights and sound.

When children hear her cry, it means the end is near. The ancient legend of La Llorona comes alive in our new passage of terror where all who dare to enter will have to escape the clutches of this demonic presence of a woman who drowned her children in the river out of jealousy. Now look for new children.

Will you dare to come in and help the children?

Minimum recommended age: 12 years

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