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Pase Rápido Halloween

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Beside the lake

A passage of terror in the open air that recreates the most terrifying moments of the famous movie saga on Friday the 13th. A camp in the middle of a forest where scary stories come true, if you come face to face with Jason, you will not have time not even to close your eyes, try to escape if you want to survive.

At nightfall, you can experience this unforgettable experience at the hands of one of the horror movie legends: Jason Voorhees, the bloodthirsty serial killer who hides behind the doors of the Crystal Lake camp. Relive the most terrifying moments and suspense with your friends every night of the Halloween season in Warner Park. Located in the Hollywood Boulevard area.

Will you dare to enter and help the campers of Crystal Lake?

From October 6th

Minimum recommended age: 12 years

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