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Foto con Piolín en La Casita de la Abuelita

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How would you like to meet Tweety and take home a unique souvenir?

Have you ever wanted to discover La Casita de La Abuelita?

Well at Parque Warner you can, when you go and visit the famous house where Tweety lives with Granny and others.
When you visit La Casita de la Abuelita you can discover all the different rooms full of loads of little details. If you begin your visit with the kitchen, you can enjoy the pleasant smell of a cake that Granny is baking in the oven, then you can explore another room where you’ll see Sylvester trying to take down the famous canary’s cage. Next move on to the sitting room, with all the portraits of Granny and her pets, the large living room, where Granny has her tea, and of course the garden.

When you visit La Casita de la Abuelita don’t forget to stop by the garage, where you can take a photo with Tweety and go home with a unique souvenir. 

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Don’t miss out on the must-sees for this season!

Don’t miss out on the must-sees for this season!