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A picture is worth a thousand words. Relive the moment by looking at photos!

Did you know that you can take the memories of a whole day at the park with you on your mobile phone? All you have to do is get your Fotopass and put on your best smile while you ride your favourite attractions.

All the pictures and videos you've taken will be saved in digital format, so you can enjoy the memories whenever you want!

Lola Bunny

Fotopass types:

Fotopass Rides

Buy this Fotopass Rides for the day of your visit only or get the annual pass and take the best souvenir with you when you visit the park.


  • Rides Diario: €25.00 (park price €30.00)
  • Rides Anual: €35.00 (park price €40.00)

Fotopass Premium

Purchase the daily or annual Photopass Premium: use it on all your visits to the park during the current season and take the best souvenir with you.


  • Premium Diario: €45.00 (park price €50.00)
  • Premium Anual: €65.00 (park price €70.00)


  • All the photos
  • Vídeo onride
  • Digital format
  • Ready to share



How does it work and what does it include?

Here you can find information about how our Fotopass works.

  • What is included

    Here is all the content you can take with you on your mobile phone.

    • (Only with Fotopass Premium) Photo with characters, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck in the Cartoon Village Zone houses. 
    • Photo Correcaminos Beep-Beep
    • Photo at the amazing Coaster Express
    • Photo at the Rio Bravo attraction
    • Photo and video at the new Batman Gotham City Escape attraction.
    • Photo and video at Tom & Jerry's ride
    • Photo and video at Superman Atracción de Acero

    Not included: 

    • Street photos, any photo taken outside a facility. 
    • West Photo.
    • Photo kiosks, photo booths or jokes located throughout the park.
    • Photographs where the Fotopass holder does not appear.
  • How it works

    With Parque Warner Fotopass you will have all your souvenir photos on your mobile! Before your visit, buy online and save on your Fotopass, but remember that on the day of your visit you can buy it at the Park.

    • Once you have your Fotopass you can go to any photo point to exchange it for a Fotopass wristband.
    • Our staff will help you download the App you will need to synchronise your photos. 
    • Every time you go to a photo point you will have to read the QR code with the App to scan it and automatically download your photo / video to the gallery.
Discover our App

Discover our App

Fotopass online from


Fotopass online from