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Celebrate your birthday with us at Parque Warner

There are so many perks!

With your ticket you will have access to all our attractions and shows! You can enjoy a very special afternoon meal with all your friends. Celebrate your birthday in style at Parque Warner Madrid. And for every 10 paying children, one adult will get free access.

We have some incredible offers!

Afternoon only (access: 3pm)

  • Children’s birthday (3 to 14 years old): €26.95 per child.
  • Adult chaperones: €22 per person. Without afternoon meal.
  • With an afternoon meal: €10.95.

Full day (Parque Warner opening hours)

  • Children’s birthday (3 to 14 years old): €29.95 per child.
  • Adult chaperones: €25 per person. This price does not include an afternoon meal.
  • Food menu for full days (in addition to the afternoon meal): €10.50.
  • With an afternoon meal: €10.95.


  • Minimum group size is 10 children.
  • Afternoon meal time: 5:30pm (subject to possible changes).
  • Location: Daily Planet (subject to possible changes).
  • Discounts for pass holders. Not applicable for the hiring of guides.
  • It is essential that you inform us of any allergies and/or intolerances when you book.

For every 10 guests, you will receive one individual ticket for free (does not include the other services). Parking not includedThe booking must be made 7 days in advance.

Extra services

  • Guide for a full 8-hour day(1 per 10 children): €180.
  • Guide for 6 hours (1 for every 10 children): 160 €.
  • Guide for 4 hours (1 per 10 children): €120.
Warner Birthdays

How do I book?

Before making a booking, bear in mind the following:

How old is the birthday boy/girl?

Age limit for the birthday:  3 to 14 years old.

How many children will be at the birthday?

The minimum number of guests is 10 children. 

When would you like to come and have a great time?

It must be a day when the park is open.

Choose your date as soon as possible!

Book at least 7 days in advance.

To confirm the booking

Payment must be made in advance by bank transfer 72 hours before the date of your visit.

Contact us! We are available to help

Get in touch with us by calling (+34) 912000792 or by filling in the form.

Don’t forget to print your birthday invitation!

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