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People with disabilities

Relevant privacy information

To access any of the services offered below, on the day of their visit to the Park, the client or, where appropriate, their legal representative, must show their ID card and the Official Disabled Persons' Card (33% or higher). The Park will not accept any other type of supporting documentation, medical reports or photocopied, manipulated or photographed documents of any other kind. Therefore, the client must refrain from showing this type of documentation in order to opt for these services.

With regard to the Pase Correcaminos Platinum wristband service, given that it is a service exclusively for customers with certain disabilities, it is essential that the aforementioned Official Disabled Persons' Card shows that these conditions have been met, otherwise the Park will not provide this free service.

The Park will not register or store in its information systems any copy of either the DNI or the Official Disabled Persons' Card presented for the above purposes. For further information, please consult the Park's privacy policy or contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the following e-mail address:

Information and buying tickets

The rate for people with disabilities is included in the Reduced Entry Rate. You can buy it here or at the ticket offices of the park. In addition, the disabled person's ticket includes a free companion at the entrance to the park. The person accompanying the disabled person must be the same person during the date of the visit and must enter the park at the same time as the disabled person.

If you would like to receive personalised information about the services available to you, please contact our staff at the Visitor Service Office.

For more information download our Guide for people with disabilities.

Guide for People with Disabilities

Consult the Parque Warner Guide for People with Disabilities where you will find all the necessary information about special rates, parking areas and barrier-free access to attractions for visitors with disabilities, reduced mobility or intellectual disabilities.

Entry conditions to attractions at Parque Warner for people with disabilities

In addition, you will have a special card for people with disabilities with unique access to all the attractions in the Park.

The disabled person may bring up to three (3) companions who must ride together in order to have priority access. If the person with a disability does not wish to ride a particular attraction, the companions will have to queue as normal, they will not have priority access.

In addition, if a visitor has mobility difficulties or an intellectual disability that makes it difficult for them to tolerate waiting times, they may choose either the special card described above or one (1) Pase Correcaminos Platrinum wristband for unlimited use for the disabled person and only one (1) companion on all the Park's attractions. In the event of waiting time at the attraction, the person with a disability and his/her companion must wait 15 minutes before being able to ride the attraction again.

Lost, manipulated or damaged cards or wristbands will not be replaced.

You can check all the rules for our parks here.

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