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People with disabilities

Information and buying tickets

The ticket price for people with disabilities is integrated into the Reduced Ticket Price. You can buy them on our website or from the ticket offices at our parks. In addition to admission,  tickets for people with disabilities  also include free entry for an accompanying person. You will need to present your Official Disabled Person Card (33% or higher). The same chaperone must accompany the disabled person throughout the day of the visit and will need to enter the park at the same time as the disabled person. 

Guide for People with Disabilities

Read the Parque Warner Guide for Disabled People where you will find all the information you need about special prices, parking and access to the attractions without architectural barriers for visitors with reduced mobility or a physical or intellectual disability. 

Entry conditions to attractions at Parque Warner for people with disabilities

You will also have a card with fast access only once to each of the attractions included in the Pase Correcaminos Gold. To request the card it will be necessary to present the Official Disabled Persons Card (33% or higher). An identification bracelet will be placed on the card which, together with the Pase Correcaminos Gold, will allow one-time access to each of the attractions included in this type of pass. The person with a disability may bring up to 3 companions who must ride together to be able to use the priority access.

However, for all those visitors who suffer from mobility difficulties or those with an intellectual disability that makes it difficult for them to tolerate waiting times and who can prove it, they will be given, as of October 9, 2021, a choice between one of these two options:

  • One (1) single-use Gold Fast Pass for 27 attractions for the person with a disability and three (3) companions, or 
  • 1 Roadrunner Plantinum Pass for 27 rides for the person with a disability and one (1) companion.

Please contact the Customer Service Office to evaluate each case.

You can check all the rules for our parks here.

Visit our park in safety

Visit our park in safety

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