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People with disabilities

Information and buying tickets

The ticket price for people with disabilities is integrated into the Reduced Ticket Price. You can buy them on our website or from the ticket offices at our parks. In addition to admission,  tickets for people with disabilities  also include free entry for an accompanying person. You will need to present your Official Disabled Person Card (33% or higher). The same chaperone must accompany the disabled person throughout the day of the visit and will need to enter the park at the same time as the disabled person. 

If you wish to receive personalized information about the services available in the Park, please contact our staff of Customer Care office, once you arrive at the park.

For more information, download our Guide for Disabled People below.

Guide for People with Disabilities

Read the Parque Warner Guide for Disabled People where you will find all the information you need about parking and access to the attractions without architectural barriers for visitors with reduced mobility or a physical or intellectual disability. 

Entry conditions to attractions at Parque Warner for people with disabilities

You will also have a special card for people with disabilities with a unique access to all the attractions of the Park.

To apply for the card it will be necessary to present the Official Card for People with Disabilities (33% or higher). Documents which have been photocopied, manipulated or photographed will not be accepted.

The person with a disability may bring up to 3 companions who must ride together in order to use the priority access. If the person with a disability does not want to ride a certain attraction, the companions will have to stand in the normal queue, they will not have priority access.

However, for all visitors with mobility difficulties or those with an intellectual disability that makes it difficult for them to tolerate waiting times, and who can prove it, they can choose between one of these two options:

  •  1 Special card with a single access to all attractions for the person with a disability and three (3) companions, or
  • 1 Platinum Roadrunner Pass wristband with unlimited use for the person with a disability and only one (1) companion in all the attractions of the Park. In the event that there is a waiting time at the attraction, the person with a disability and his/her companion must wait 15 minutes to be able to ride the attraction again.

People with disabilities who have a special case to study should contact the Customer Service Office of the Park, where a person in charge will give them a solution.

Lost, manipulated or damaged cards or wristbands will not be replaced.

You can check all the rules for our parks here.

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