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Old West Territory

How would you like to feel like a real cowboy in this Wild West territory?

If you’re a true cowboy at heart, jump on your horse and head over to the Old West Territory.

In this incredible setting that recreates the Wild West, you can have a duel with fun. You can test your aim against the roughest cowboys in the West and experience some incredible adventures on attractions like Coaster Express, which still holds the record for the longest rollercoaster in Europe, and you can also explore a real gold mine on Río Bravo.

And if you’re looking for a scare, check out “Expedientes Warren: Pasaje de Terror”, an atmospheric experience based on the famous movie series about the paranormal cases of the Warrens.

If you come out a bit flustered from all the scares, you could always stop by the Cataratas Salvajes and take a refreshing dip.

But even true cowboys couldn’t do all this without taking a moment to get their energy back, and the best way to do this is at our Tex-Mex restaurant, El Rancho, where you can enjoy a delicious rack of ribs with the best barbecue sauce in the entire Old West Territory, as well as many other dishes adapted to all different tastes and requirements.

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Old West Territory Thematic areas Parque Warner Madrid 2

The spirit of the Wild West in the Old West Territory

Parque Warner Madrid has created a fantastic setting in tribute to the iconic Wild West with this thematic area. Located at the western end of the park, the Old West Territory is an area of 78,000 square metres in size with fictional towns that contain everything you could think of: houses, saloons, stores and even a dentist’s surgery!

Alongside the spirit of the Wild West, you will also find the most classic attraction of all time here: a wooden roller coaster, which every self-respecting amusement park should have. Put on your cowboy hat, get on your horse and ride across the deserts until you arrive at Coaster-Express, an intense 36-metre attraction that crosses grand valleys in a kilometre and a half. It is the longest wooden roller coaster in Europe, with a structure containing more than 100,000 screws! 

Río Bravo, a water attraction set in a gold mine, with boats that pass through gorges, Indian villages, and more. The gold rush also served as the inspiration for Los Carros de la Mina, with its replicas of the carts that were used in mines, but in this case they spin round and round to create a fun dizzying effect!

Then we have Cataratas Salvajes, where you fly along a waterfall at high speeds. This is a very refreshing family attraction.

Canteens and saloons where you can eat in the Old West Territory

The path is treacherous, exciting and full of dangers. But at some point you will need to stop and take a rest. Step off the wagon here with your family to try the incredible Western restaurants at Parque Warner. From El Coyote Solitario, a typical Western saloon where you can knock back refreshing drinks and tuck into delicious snacks, to El Rancho, with its fast ‘show cooking’, or La Cantina de los Bandidos, the area’s frontier restaurant whose Tex-Mex dishes will blow you away after a long journey through unexplored territories.

The West is the best, and you can complete your visit to the Old West Territory with a Western portrait as well. Dress up as your favourite character at the West Photo, choose a background and take a photo that you can keep as a wonderful souvenir of an adventure where you travelled back to the golden age of cinema, which continues to fascinate viewers even after all this time.

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