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Advice and recommendations for your visit

Here you will find useful information for the day of your visit to Parque Warner.

With this calendar and our suggestions we want to help you plan and choose the best dates for your visit to Parque Warner.

Inflow calendar

  • Access to the park

    We suggest to arrive before the opening time of the park to avoid possible queues at the entrances.

    Buy your parking now: save time during your visit and take advantage of an exclusive access to the Parking!

    Our parking opens 1 hour before the opening of Parque Warner, park in a good place and access the park first.

  • Restaurants

    Our restaurants open from 13:00 and we recommend you to come at this time. If you come before 14:00 or after 15:30 you will avoid waiting at rush hour (from 14:00 to 15:30).

    In addition, you can plan your meal by purchasing your menu online. We offer you multiple options that will help you to make your time at the Park more flexible:

    • Take advantage of our All Inclusive and enjoy meals throughout the day of your visit (meals every 60 minutes).
    • Discover the Coca-Cola freestyle cup: a reusable cup to serve your favorite drinks in the machines distributed throughout the park. Did you know that you can combine the flavors you want? There are more than 100 to discover!
    • Order your menu early with the new service Click&Collect. It is very easy, you only have to choose the restaurant, make the order and pick your order on time. Please note that this service does not book a table for you. 


  • Attractions

    Tips to ride our attractions:

    • Check our App for real waiting times. With it you can plan your visit and optimize your time
    • Save time at the attractions with the Pase Correcaminos, discover the 4 types we offer
    • If you have any doubts about heights and restrictions for children, it is best to ask our staff before starting the line for an attraction.
    • On closing days at 00:00 we recommend you to make the most of your visit until the end of the day, since in the last 2 hours, approximately, the waiting times at attractions are usually reduced and you will be able to have much more fun with us.
    • If you want to ride Batman:Gotham City Escape, please note that this attraction has more restrictive safety measures than other attractions in terms of volume, which is why the size of the outline is important to be able to access the attraction. In order to ensure that it is possible to ride, please contact our staff for assistance and we will be happy to help you!
    • About limitations on our attractions for people with disabilities, you can consult our disability guide
    • In our waiting times section you will be able to check in real time the minutes of waiting for each attraction. This way you can get the most out of your experience. 
  • Shows

    Enjoy our shows:

    • Check the show program to choose the shows you want to attend, we advise you to approach 30 minutes before in the Theaters with limited seating capacity.
    • Check the program of shows and attend the recommended sessions as they are usually the least crowded.
    • Don't miss our 20th Anniversary Superstars Parade and top off a day at the movies with our Aquaman Nighttime Spectacular (show available every day in July and August).
  • Stores

    Did you know that we have a shopping pick-up service? Do your shopping and we will keep it for you until you leave. This way you can go and enjoy all the attractions and shows without carrying your bags during your visit.

Make the most of your visit
Make the most of your visit

Make the most of your visit

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