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Hollywood Boulevard

Cinema in all its glory and splendour. When you explore Hollywood Boulevard it’s easy to lose yourself in its glamorous atmosphere with the magic of movies.

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Come and discover Hollywood Boulevard

Wander along Hollywood Boulevard at Parque Warner Madrid and pay homage to some of the biggest movie stars of the past few decades: from Gary Cooper and Jack Lemmon to Natalie Wood, Ingrid Bergman, Morgan Freeman, Sal Mineo, Kevin Costner, Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford. A walk of fame that Warner Bros. has personalised with lovely tiles stamped with the image of the legendary studios. While the original Hollywood Walk of Fame (located in California) recognises the stars of the entertainment industry, at our park we are focused on the art of cinema specifically. We are a movie park after all. Did you know that you can meet Marilyn Monroe herself and take a photo with her?

One of the most impressive features is Teatro Chino, an exact replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in California, which, as with this version, has a façade designed to look like an enormous Chinese pagoda, leading into a warm and welcoming interior with a vivid shade of red covering the hall, the corridors and the enormous cinema room, where you can enjoy some of the best adventures in 3D.

Elegance and fun

But there are also other magical places on the boulevard. Department Store, with an enormous collection of Warner Bros. merchandising, Foster’s Hollywood or the exclusive Casablanca events space.

But if Hollywood Boulevard is known for anything, it is for being the main street stage for two of the park’s biggest shows: ¡Welcome to the Parque Warner! on Hollywood Plaza, where several Looney Tunes characters,  including Tweety, Sylvester and Bugs Bunny himself, along with our dance group, give their all to encourage you to join in with their adventures the moment you walk through the entrance. You won’t be able to stop singing their catchy songs!

Make the most of your visit
Make the most of your visit

Make the most of your visit

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