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Juegos de Habilidad DC Superhéroes World

DC Super Heroes World
Disability Access
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Put your superpowers to the test with the games of skill in Gotham City.

If your skills are more like superpowers, you can put them to the test at the games of skill in DC SuperHeroes World, where you can fish for ducks at "El Pescador" or test your basketball dunking skills at "Las Cestas de Penguin".

Are you faster than Superman? Would your skills make Batman and all his enemies tremble? Can you see like you have x-ray vision? Well you should try hanging from a bar and demonstrating your strength for a few minutes at "Hombre de Acero".

The most talented visitors can show off their skills with a classic challenge: "Las Anillas". If your superpower is strength, you can release some energy at "Bloques".

Show off with these games of skill that will put your ingenuity, strength and talents to the test, and check out the trophies won at the Park!

The games incur an additional cost and you will need to beat them to win a prize, according to the rules of each game.

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Don’t miss out on the must-sees for this season!

Don’t miss out on the must-sees for this season!