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El Coyote Solitario Saloon

Old West Territory
Kiosks and coffee shops
Disability Access
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Air Conditioning
+34 912 000 792
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An authentic Western Saloon for cowboys to get their strength back

Riding towards the horizon, without rest, feeling like this journey is never going to end…

You’re in the Wild West, and you feel like taking a break after a day of riding incredible attractions like the Coaster-Express rollercoaster and traversing desolate canyons and valleys.

You leave your tired companion at the watering hole so he can get a drink and recover, while you enter a typical Western saloon to get your strength back with our refreshing cocktails, or if you’re just looking for some peace and quiet, why not enjoy one of our wonderful coffees with something from our huge selection of sweet treats.

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Coca-Cola freestyle Cup

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