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He visto un Lindo Gatito

Cartoon Village
Type of attraction
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 110 cm
Adult Companion Required
from 110 cm to 115cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
Get on board the latest of Sylvester’s inventions to trap Tweety

At Cartoon Village you will find one of the most unique children’s attractions in the park: He visto un lindo gatito.

Do you think you saw a puddy tat? Then come and ride this mechanical attraction designed for the littlest visitors and enjoy the thrill of flying while chasing the most popular canary from Warner Bros.

It all begins in Granny’s garden, were we see how Sylvester tries his very best in his desperate attempts to catch Tweety. He needs the help of all the kids at Parque Warner.

When you get on his machine, you will soon feel how you can spin freely and move in all directions, while you see how the canary ends up getting away! In the upper part of the ride you’ll see Tweety in his cage, a very smart bird! Come and discover the attraction dedicated to one of the park’s most beloved characters.


Did you know that...

He visto un lindo gatito attracts a lot of attention from kids: it is the only ride in the park where you lie down as you go round.

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