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Looney Tunes Correo Aéreo

Cartoon Village
Type of attraction
Access limitations
Minimum height: 105 cm
Adult Companinon Required
No min.
From opening to 30 minutes before the park closes
Disability Access
Accepted Fast-Passes
Pass Correcaminos Five
Pass Correcaminos Platinum
Help Elmer distribute the mail around Cartoon Village with his planes

Cartoon Village also has its own postal service, as should any village worth its salt. But have you ever thought about how the mail is distributed at Looney Tunes Park? Everyone’s letters are delivered by two planes, and Elmer Fudd is responsible for them. How would you like to help him with his job? While Elmer Fudd stays in the control tower, you can become a postman and work alongside Daffy Duck. 

Looney Tunes Correo Aéreo is one of the most popular attractions at Cartoon Village. The kids will love riding on these super fun little planes. What’s more, the views of Looney Tunes Park are incredible!

Children shorter than 105 centimetres will need to be accompanied by an adult.


Did you know that...

The fastest plane in the world, the Falcon HTV-2, flies at hypersonic speed (i.e. it flies at five or more times faster than the speed of sound, more than 6,000 km/h). Our Correo Aéreo just needs to go a little bit faster to achieve the same speed!

Visit our park in safety

Visit our park in safety

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