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Piolín y Silvestre Paseo en Autobús

Cartoon Village
Type of attraction
Children (9-13 y.o.) and Families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 105 cm
Adult Companion Required
No min.
From opening to 30 minutes before the park closes
Disability Access
Get on the bus with your favourite characters and enjoy the best views

Granny and her two pets, Tweety and Sylvester, invite you to take a ride on the magic bus. How about it? Then let’s go!

It’s a bus that “flies” very high, so you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible view of Cartoon Village. The pussy cat and our favourite canary will accompany you on a journey that begins near the Pork Pig Diner, one of the coolest places to eat in Parque Warner Madrid! A fun ride on a bus ferris wheel where you’ll have the greatest time going up and down over and over again with your family and friends. This ride couldn’t be more unique, and the views are incredible!

Children shorter than 105 centimetres will need to be accompanied by an adult.


Did you know that...

Emma Webster, better known as Granny from the Looney Tunes, usually travels everywhere by bus.

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Visit our park in safety

Visit our park in safety

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