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Superman Atracción de Acero

Fly through Metropolis on the most famous attraction in Parque Warner Madrid
DC Super Heroes World
Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
All audiences Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 132 cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
Accepted Fast-Passes
 One Pass Correcaminos
 Platinum Pase Correcaminos
 Gold Pase Correcaminos
 Silver Pase Correcaminos
Fly through Metropolis on the most famous attraction in Parque Warner Madrid

Would you like to feel like the main character in the comic series that has been in all of our lives forever? 

Superman: Atracción de Acero is the exciting roller coaster that simulates the flight of a genuine hero at more than 100 km/h, with seven inversions and several free falls. Are you ready for the first one? It is 55 metres tall! It is the only attraction of its kind in Europe, with floorless trains that leave the riders’ feet unprotected over the track throughout the ride, which lasts more than two minutes.

This attraction at Parque Warner recreates the city of Metropolis, as well as the entrance to the famous newspaper, the Daily Planet. Discover the workplace and offices of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Before you arrive at the boarding station you can even see the newspaper presses running at full throttle.

Take off your glasses and put on your costume, because once you get on the convoy, you’ll need to hold on tight as you take off for an unparalleled dizzying experience. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s the roller coaster Superman: Atracción de Acero! 

Get your photo souvenir at the photo booth at the Tom & Jerry's attraction.

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Did you know that...

At the exit, visitors will see an exhibition displaying all the most legendary comic covers dedicated to the famous superhero.

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Pase Correcaminos

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