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Delirium Live! El Musical

Musical Show
Movie World Studios
Teenagers & Adults
Disability Access
Movie World Studios
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Explore the Delirium cemetery with this unique musical.

The journalists Alicia and Luis decide to go into the cemetery on the night of October 31 to do a report that will allow them to win the Pulitzer, but Luis realizes at that moment that he feels something more for his partner than their simple working relationship.

They both enter the holy field and their adventure begins. A story that will move the whole family. Delirium: The Musical contains songs by Metallica, Goo Goo Dolls, AC/DC, Metalwings, Iron Maiden and Evanescence among others, performed live by our cast.

The approximate duration of the show is 35 minutes and the theater has limited capacity, so seat reservations are not allowed.

All this and many more surprises await you in this new spectacular show that will surprise you, so we will not say anyhting else!

We hope you enjoy as much as we do making it and shaping it.

We are waiting for you at Parque Warner Madrid!

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