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Freddy Krueger: Una Nueva Pesadilla

Terror Show
Movie World Studios
Teenagers & Adults
12 years
Disability Access
Movie World Studios
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Dare to enter the home of Freddy Krueger, in his world of nightmares.

Experience your worst nightmare in this themed experience based on the most iconic character from the world of horror movies: Freddy Krueger.

One of the most renowned horror experience production companies in the world came from the United States to recreate 10 scenes featuring the most famous nightmares from the films of Freddy Krueger. 

It is decorated with special effects, lights, sounds, smoke and projections to make visitors feel like they are the main characters in various terrifying and suspenseful scenes, from the bedroom where everything begins to the boiler room where Freddy Lives.  “Nightmare on Elm Street” is one of the most successful horror movie series in the history of cinema, with nine films in total. It revitalised the “slasher” genre and gave rise to an innovative psychopath with a macabre sense of humour who became a horror movie icon.

The character of Freddy Krueger, with his deformed face (which the creator claims was based on a pepperoni pizza), red and green striped sweater, hat and bladed glove, remains to this day one of the favourite Halloween costumes for people throughout the world. This new experience was created by Little Spider Creations, a company known for the talents of its employees. They handcrafted the theming to produce all the various decorations and sculptures, and created the perfect atmosphere for a horror experience through the use of various mechanical, lighting and sound effects.

They define themselves as a “WOW Factor” team, as their creations never fail to astonish audiences.

The most awarded ride

The most awarded ride

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