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We are in Gotham City, n the district of the Parque Warner superheroes, and we find ourselves before the magnificence of Batman: Arkham Asylum. A roller coaster that is only suitable for the bravest of visitors to the park.

Our favourite masked avenger is the theme of a ride that places us on the outskirts of the Gothic city of excellence, specifically in the Arkham Asylum, a famous prison where the most dangerous criminals are imprisoned.

The prison is home to illustrious villains from the saga: The Joker, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane or Two-Face. But wait a moment... someone has escaped! When arriving at the loading station, you get on a train, fasten your safety harness and then... An unnervingly dizzy journey awaits you!

Steep drops, loops and bends that take your breath away are the greatest attraction of one of the most intense rides of the park. Some 40 seconds of ride that reaches a top speed of 83 km/h, with a first heart-stopping drop of 31 metres in height.

Before you have time to recover from your fear, five more loops await you and more than 500 metres that are a spectacular challenge to the laws of gravity. Join the Dark Knight and chase the fugitive! The dizzying adventure can only be found at Warner Park Madrid!

Did you know...?

Designed and manufactured by the prestigious company B & M, with more than 300 roller coasters spread all over the world, this attraction is very popular in the United States (you can find the same route in different parts of the country). And its maximum G force is 4.9 G.

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