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  • Atracción Lex Luthor | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Lex Luthor | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Lex Luthor | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Atracción Lex Luthor | Parque Warner Madrid


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Maximum Height
195 cm
Minimum Height
140 cm

It works similar to a swing with two rows of seats, making swinging movements backwards and forwards to finally spin over, having a second spinning axis which fixes the rows of seats so that the public are upside down.

Just by whispering his name it sends a shiver down our spine: LEX LUTHOR. The evil villain is SUPERMAN'S™ enemy and he has come up with an invention that will directly leave you upside down.

His Inverter is one of the most intense rides of the Warner Park: Try it and see for yourself! Experience its diabolical spinning movements, the vibration of a device located in DC SUPER HEROES WORLD, the area of the park dedicated to superheroes.

We invite you to pass through Lex Corporation, where you will discover some of the evil creations of SUPERMAN'S™ archenemy, LEX LUTHOR. El Invertidor is the evil machine installed in the patio of its radioactive laboratory... Once inside, you won't be able to do anything but scream! And wait until the krypton man comes to your rescue.

Did you know...?

The great actor Kevin Spacey was the person to bring the character of Lex Luthor to life in "Superman Returns", the fifth film of the saga, released in 2006.

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