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  • Los Coches Locos del Pato Lucas | Parque Warner Madrid


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Maximum Height
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99 cm

We already know the multiple talents and professions of Daffy Duck.

On this occasion, Cartoon Village welcomes you to his workshop, where the little oness can drive fun cars that don't stop colliding into each other. These cars, which are as crazy as the Looney Tunes themselves, form part of a ride in which the little ones will have a great time.

Los Coches Locos del Pato Lucas can be found in the thematic area of Cartoon Village, within the Looney Tunes Park, very close to Granny's House and Bugs Bunny´s burrow. You'll see how much fun your children have, playing with other children, as they drive around the course.

Did you know...?

Each one of the cars that form this mechanical ride is personalised with one of the Warner Bros cartoons. Choose the one you want and ride!

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