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Maximum Height
197 cm
Minimum Height
140 cm
Minimum Height Accompanied
110 cm

Puede parecer una empresa fácil, pero no lo es: tienes que agarrarte bien al volante central de la barca, porque ni la corriente ni el mismísimo TAZ van a dejar que pares de girar en unas aguas muy turbulentas. ¡No te olvides de pasar por estos Rápidos, vas a pasar un rato increíble!

The Rápidos ACME are, quite simply, hilarious! They form an incredible water ride located in Cartoon Village, the perfect place to experience the feeling that you are actually in an episode of the wild and mischievous LOONEY TUNES.

It involves a route through the famous and absurd factory of the ACME Corporation, in which you find all sorts of gadgets from the brand that the poor old COYOTE trusts (to his misfortune, as he is never successful in achieving his objective: trapping ROADRUNNER). We advise you to jump aboard with the whole family on a pneumatic raft where you will experience a refreshing and exciting journey. And above all, full of laughter!

The famous LOONEY TUNES are the theme of this ride, in which you should dodge the different waterfalls aboard boats with a capacity for nine people. The whole family will get wet! Be careful with the surges of water and the spray of water that the cartoons launch, located in strategic places: the course of the ride runs through water, one way or another.

It may seem an easy company, but it most certainly isn't: you have to hold on tight to the central steering wheel of the boat, because not even the tide or the TASMANIAN DEVIL himself will stop you from spinning it in very turbulent water. Don't forget to pass through these rapids, you' re going to have a great time!

Attraction is open subject to weather conditions.

Did you know...?

The word "acme" derives from Greek and literally means "point" or "period of greatest intensity of an illness". In general, the productions of this fictitious company are of poor quality and tend to be faulty (though these problems are attributed to the improper use on behalf of the buyer).

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