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If more than skill yours are superpowers, you can put them to the test in the area of skill games in DC SuperHéroes World fishing ducks in "El Pescador" or boasting marksmanship in "Las Cestas de Peguin".

Are you faster than Superman? Would your abilities make Batman and all his enemies tremble? Is your vision as sharp as if you had X-rays? ... Then you have to try to stay hanging from a bar and show your resistance for a few minutes in "Man of Steel".

For the most skilled to demonstrate a lot of skill we have a classic in "Las Anillas". And if yours is strength you can release energy in "Blocks".

Prove it with these skill games that put to the test ingenuity, strength and skills and stroll the trophies achieved by the Park!

Games of additional payment and subject to overcoming them according to the rules of each game to get the prize.

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