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  • Looney Tunes Hollywood Collection | Parque Warner Madrid
  • Looney Tunes Hollywood Collection | Parque Warner Madrid


TWEETY PIE welcomes you in the Plaza de Hollywood to the most elegant shop of the LOONEY TUNES. If you are crossing the Hollywood boulevard and you come across this shop, don't think twice about entering! A dream come true for fans of these animations, with 400 squared metres in which you can find an enormous variety of souvenirs and gifts inspired by the legendary cartoons: cuddly toys, mugs, stationery, balloons, and all sorts of clothing items with the LOONEY TUNES stamp, ideal for the little ones of the family.

Whilst the vast majority of the shop is reserved for TWEETY PIE, the canary that was born in 1942 from the mind of the animator, producer and puppet master Bob Clampett for Warner Bros. Don't doubt that in this shop "you will think you see a pretty canary": the best part of the space is dedicated to this adorable character, with children’s clothing and adult clothing and a sweet and endless merchandising. Be careful, you might just face SYLVESTER the Cat lurking in the corners!

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