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Have you ever thought about being able to get to know La Casita de La Abuelita?

In Parque Warner it is possible and that is why you can visit the famous house in which Piolín lives along with La Abuelita among others.

In your visit to La Casita de la Abuelita you can discover several rooms with a lot of details in each corner. You can start your visit in the kitchen where you will feel a pleasant pastel smell left by La Abuelita in the oven, the room where you will see that Silvestre is trying to take the cage of the famous Canary, the living room with the portraits of La Abuelita with all your pets, the large living room where Abuelita takes tea and of course the garden.

In your visit to La Casita de la Abuelita do not forget to go through the garage, as you can take a picture with Piolín and take a unique souvenir.


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