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Rio Bravo Outfitters  is en route to the river with strong currents in which you have to venture, following the gold fever of the Old West Territory at Parque Warner. Immediately before reaching this spectacular and adventurous water ride, for which you will have to dress appropriately. If you haven't yet dressed up as a  true cowboy from head to toes, then here you will have the chance.

In the ‘outfitters’ shop you are going to be surprised with our collection of clothing and accessories chosen by our friend Sam: cowboy hats for him, jewellery for her, t-shirts and souvenirs from the West for them both. If you visit with the little ones of the family, take a look at the toy section, with everything that you can image in the heart of the Far West: guns and rifles, eagle feather plumes to emulate their cowboys and favourite Indians. And of course the most western  LOONEY TUNES  cuddly toys. Come in stranger, we have a bullet just for you.


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