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  • West Photo | Parque Warner Madrid
  • West Photo | Parque Warner Madrid
  • West Photo | Parque Warner Madrid


Have a drink in the town's saloon. Play a game of darts and pool with the locals. Take part in the dangerous hands of poker with the local guys and dancers of the bar. Or sit down at the piano, accompanied by family. Romantic and dangerous settings, in which the western pastime and adventure is noticeable everywhere. This is what we offer you in this original photo studio: West Photo. At the Old West Territory of Parque Warner Madrid.

Here you will be able to choose your favourite attire and dress up as some of the most commonly found characters from the American Far West:  : native Indians, pioneers that started to live in these remote areas, sheriffs, ranchers and cowboys, bandits. In this wild studio there are three brilliant costumes to choose from, with their corresponding backdrop and props. Our team of photographers will suggest the most fun options for you to try out depending on what the visitors like, as well as the number of participants in the western portrait. What a great souvenir to take home with you, cowboy.

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