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Warner Bros. Studios Lake


Parque Warner opens on June 1 a new and spectacular show of specialists based on the superhero Aquaman and the characters of the underwater universe of Atlantis, in an amazing staging never before seen in Spain and being the only show in the world where see the famous DC Comics character and member of the Justice League.

The show "AQUAMAN NIGHTTIME SPECTACULAR" takes place in the Parque Warner lake, within an area of ​​6,000 m2 there is an extraordinary visual experience between sky and water, where specialists, equipped with programmable LED suits and pyrotechnic effects, manage to fly up to 20 m in height and submerge in the water taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Flyboard. The choreography and acrobatics, the laser lighting, the music, the fireworks and the water screens create a visual impact and an atmosphere that floods the viewer with emotion that never manages to reach the WOW effect.

Our vision of the world is limited to what we see around us, the cities in which we live, the forests and mountains that delimit them, and the surface of the oceans that bathe our coasts. "AQUAMAN NIGHTTIME SPECTACULAR" takes us to an unknown place and makes us live a movie adventure that has as protagonists the heroes and villains of the fascinating kingdom of Atlantis. Aquaman, king of the seven seas, half human half atlantean, and Queen Mera, with the power to control the water through the mind, have the mission of maintaining peace between the underwater and the surface world, and protect us of the ruthless treasure hunter Black Manta, a being that embodies the strength of evil and threatens the balance between the two worlds.


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