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Enjoy the best 3D programming from Warner Bros. at our Chinese theater in the Hollywood Boulevard area.


Montaña Cigüeña is a company that has always taken delivery of babies very seriously. Its system has new and improved facilities for the distribution of small humans, with a revolutionary technology to test of errors. And that is, his main objective was always to deliver newborns so that their parents could hear the four most beautiful words of human language: 'gu gu ga ga'.

But now, in Montaña Cigüeña they are also dedicated to the distribution of packages for a large company that sells all over the world through the Internet. Things get complicated when Junior accidentally, a stork that is about to be promoted, reactivates the baby machine, and produces an adorable child in an unauthorized manner. Desperate, Junior will try to deliver this problematic package before his boss finds out. With the help of her friend Tulip, the only human of the place, she will begin a wild and revealing journey with the aim of restoring the true task of the storks in the world.

This animated film that plays with the myth of babies and storks is directed by Doug Sweetland (Presto) and Nicholas Stoller (Damned neighbors 2, Eternally engaged), who also signs the script. The voices of the characters in the original version are played by the actors Andy Samberg (Hotel Transylvania 2, Malditos vecinos), Katie Crown (Adventure Time, Father Made in USA), Keegan-Michael Key (Angry Birds, The Movie, Vacation) , Jordan Peele (Life in Pieces, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp) and Kelsey Grammer (Boss, Hank).


From Krypton, a distant planet very technologically advanced, a baby is sent in a capsule through space to Earth to live among humans. Educated on a farm in Kansas in the values ​​of his adoptive parents, Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), the young Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) begins as a child to develop superhuman powers, and upon reaching adulthood He comes to the conclusion that these powers require him great responsibilities, to protect not only those he wants, but also to represent a hope for the world.

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