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  • Delirium el Musical


Dates and Times

18, 19, 25 y 26 de Noviembre: 16:45 y 18:00h.


Teatro Hollywood

The Journalists Alicia and Luis decides get into the cemetery the night of 31st October to realize a report that allows them to win the Pulitzer, but Luis realizes at that moment that he feels something more for his partner than a simple employment relationship. They enter in the depths of the holy field and there meets the guardian, Normundo, that helps them with the report telling the stories of the souls that lie there if they leave soon. But when sounds the bells at midnight makes the cemetery wake up and the most malignant soul of them, Paul Dark, has it sworn a vengeance to humankind , so it will not allow anyone to return to the world and he will try to keep them there for all eternity.

Delirium the musical contain musical themes of Metallica, Goo Goo Dolls, H.I.M., AC/DC, Metalwings, Iron Maiden, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Evanescence among others, sung on live by our singers.

The duration of the show is approximately of 35 minutes and the theater is with limited capacity, so that is not possible reserve the seats.


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