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  • Freddy Krueger: Una Nueva Pesadilla
  • Freddy Krueger: Una Nueva Pesadilla
  • Freddy Krueger: Una Nueva Pesadilla
  • Freddy Krueger: Una Nueva Pesadilla



Pase Rápido Halloween


Next to the Hotel Embrujado attraction

You will experience your worst nightmare in this thematic passage of the most emblematic character of horror movies, Freddy Krueger. One of the most renowned companies in the world in the realization of horror passages, has moved from the United States to recreate 10 scenes with the most famous nightmares of the films of Freddy Krueger. Decorated with special effects, lights, sound, smoke and projections, which will make the visitor the protagonist of the moments of more suspense and terror, from the bedroom where everything starts to the boiler room where Freddy lives.

"Nightmare on Elm Street" is one of the most successful horror sagas in the history of cinema, with nine films, revitalized the genre "slasher" and gave rise to an innovative psychopath with macabre humor who became an icon of horror movies . The character of Freddy Krueger with his deformed face (conceived according to his creator to see a pepperoni pizza), his red and green striped sweater, his hat and his glove with blades is still today one of the favorite Halloween costumes throughout the world.

This new passage created by Little Spider Creations, a company characterized by the talent of its members, who carry out artisanal thematizations to achieve sets and sculptures, achieving through mechanical effects, lights and sounds, the necessary environment in a passage of terror . They are defined as members of the "WOW Factor" (set of properties that have an object, person or design and that causes WOW to exclaim when you see it) that is, their creations leave the spectator stunned.

From October 6th

Minimum recommended age: 12 years

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