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  • Pase Correcaminos
What is Pase Correcaminos?

It is a special pass that allows you faster access to the park's attractions, saving waiting time.

At the box office and shops Parque Warner you can get your hands on any of the three types of Pase Correcaminos we offer.

The Pase Correcaminos are only valid for the day of purchase. With the usual tail Pass, Whose sale is limited THUS Ensuring the quality of service will alternate. Consultation Pass detail the conditions and the price, at ticket offices and shops Warner Park. The Pass is subject to the operating rules of the park and use restrictions attractions. For reasons of capacity, and to ensure good service, the following attractions do not have the sevice Correcaminos Pass in any of its forms: Convoy de Camiones, Emergencias Pato Lucas, Cohetes Espaciales, Helicópteros, Coyote: Zona de Explosión.

Pase Correcaminos Platinum

Is also available ONLINE.

€ 39.00. Includes unlimited access to 27 attractions.

If you do the Pase Correcaminos Platinum, you enjoy throughout the day of a wristband that lets you enter the park's attractions through special access as many times as you like. So, you can save waiting time.

To repeat the same attraction with Pase Correcaminos Platinum must pass at least 15 minutes. 

This Pass is personal and non-transferable, and you must wear it correctly placed on the wrist, not allowing access to people who fail to comply with this condition. Any manipulation of the Pass will mean its withdrawal. The park is not responsible for the loss of the bracelet.


Cine Tour Stunt Fall SUPERMAN™: La Atracción de Acero BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM LEX LUTHOR Sillas voladoras de MR. FREEZE La Venganza del ENIGMA Los Coches de Choque de EL JOKER Cataratas Salvajes Coaster-Express Los Carros de la Mina Rio Bravo TOM & JERRY Las Tazas de SCOOBY-DOO Rápidos ACME Cartoon Carrousel ¡A Toda Máquina! Escuela de conducción Yabba-Dabba Doo He visto un lindo gatito CORRECAMINOS Bip Bip Oso YoguiPaseo en Autobús de Piolín y Silvestre Hotel embrujado Los Coches Locos del Pato Lucas Correo Aéreo La Aventura de SCOOBY-DOO Academia de Pilotos Baby Looney Tunes

Pase Correcaminos silver


Includes 1 access to 14 attractions.

Pase Correcaminos Silver is a card That lets you enjoy fast Once in each of the attractions included access.


TOM & JERRY Rápidos ACME CORRECAMINOS BIP BIP La Aventura de SCOOBY-DOO Coaster-Express Cataratas Salvajes Rio Bravo LEX LUTHOR Los Coches de Choque de EL JOKER SUPERMAN™: La Atracción de Acero La Venganza del ENIGMA  HOTEL EMBRUJADO Stunt Fall OSO YOGUI 

Pase Correcaminos five

€ 19.00. Includes 1 access to 5 attractions of free choice. 

The Pase Correcaminos Five is a card that allows you to enjoy one-time quick access to 5 attractions of free choice that have Pase Correcaminos service.

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Children under 1m Free!

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