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Gotham City Grill Menu

  • Starters and Salads

    Chicken Nuggets (portion of 6)

    Onion Rings (portion of 10)

    Mixed Salad

    Large Fries

  • Mains

    XXL Hot dog

    BBQ Burger

    Double Burger

    Breaded Chicken Burger

    Iberian Burger

    Grilled Chicken Burger


  • Desserts

    Sandy Ice Cream

    Milk Pudding



  • Meal Deals

    Adult Meal Deal

    Full Burger, Fries and Medium Drink

    Children’s Meal Deal (up to 10 years old)

    Chicken Nuggets, Fries and Small Drink

Cocacola freestyle
Coca-Cola freestyle Cup

Coca-Cola freestyle Cup