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Starbucks Menu

  • Sweet Snacks


    Carrot Cake

    Apple Tart

    Pain au Chocolat STBX

    Chocolate Coin STBX

    Muesli, Yoghurt and Mango


    Strawberry Cheesecake

    Croissant STBX

    Sugar Icing


    Fruit Cup STBX

  • Savoury Snacks

    Cream Cheese Bagel

    Egg Sandwich STBX

    Bacon & Cheese Sandwich

    Ham & Cheese Croissant STBX

    Ham and Brie Sandwich STBX

    Turkey Brioche STBX

    Chicken Focaccia STBX

    Salmon and Wasabi Sandwich

    Tuna Bloomer STBX

  • Coffees

    White Chocolate Mocha Tall

    Caffe Latte Tall

    Caffe Mocha Tall

    Caramel Macchiato Tall 

    Latte Macchiato Tall

    Hot Chocolate STBX

    Caffe Americano Tall

    Cappuccino Tall

    Espresso Solo

  • Frappuccinos

    Passion Fruit Frappuccino STBX

    Mocha Frappuccino Tall

    Strawberry Cream Frappuccino

    Coffee Frappuccino Tall

    Caramel Frappuccino Grande

  • Teas

    English Breakfast Tea

    Mint Blend Tea STBX Tall

    Hibiscus Tea STBX Tall

    Jasmine Pearl Tea STBX Tall

    Iced Green Tea STBX

    Earl Grey Tea STBX Tall

    Emperor Cloud & Mint Tall

    Youthberry Tea STBX Tall

    Chai Tea Latte STBX Tall

  • Juices and Water

    Cool Lime Refresha Tall

    Mineral Water 500 ml

    Vitality Smoothie STBX

    Fresh Orange Juice Tall

    Mineral Water 750 ml

    Green Tea 250 ML STBX

Cocacola freestyle
Coca-Cola freestyle Cup

Coca-Cola freestyle Cup