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Parque Warner, where Magic is born

We comply with all the Covid-19 protection measures. Check our full plan that, among other things, makes the park a safe place. See details

Studio Café Menu

  • Meal Deals

    Adult Price


    Hot and Cold Starters to choose from:

    • Russian Salad
    • Tropical Salad 
    • Roasted de Vegetables
    • Stuffed Peppers 
    • Fries
    • Hamamatsu Gyozas
    • Homemade Croquettes
    • Spring Rolls


    Main Courses to choose from:

    • Various Rice Dishes
    • Secreto Iberico
    • Chicken Thighs
    • Pasta Carbonara
    • Meatballs in Sauce
    • Pork  Tenderloin
    • Chicken Escalope
    • Beef Ragu
    • Confit of Cod
    • Salmon in Marinera Sauce


    Desserts to choose from:

    • Seasonal Fruit                          ( Melon, Watermelon, Pineapple) ​
    • Fruit  Jelly
    • Rice Pudding
    • Chocolate Mousse
    • Natillas Spanish Custard ​
    • Various Pieces of Cake
    • Milk Pudding


    Children’s Price




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Visit our park in safety

Visit our park in safety