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Batman Gotham City Escape

Run away from Gotham in the Warner Park novelty!
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DC Super Heroes World
Type of attraction
 Roller coaster
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 130 cm
Maximum height: 196cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
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Run away from Gotham in the Warner Park novelty!

Parque Warner Madrid is launching a new attraction in DC Super Heroes World! This time it's time to escape from Gotham City... Why is that?

Wayne Manor opens its doors to promote tourism in Gotham City so that visitors can see and learn about the relics and stories housed in the famous house. Once inside, visitors will be immersed in an action-packed story between Batman and The Joker, with the famous superhero trying to help them escape.

The only way to escape from the city is through this multi-launch roller coaster, the only one of its kind in Europe. The most incredible escape awaits you, where you can experience three launches along the route, a maximum height of 45 metres, a top speed of 104km/h and 4 inversions that will leave you hanging upside down. An immersive experience with spectacular theming that will immerse you to the fullest in dark Gotham City.

We assure you that the 111-second ride will be a multi-sensory experience that you can only live in Warner Park.

This roller coaster is one of the most special in Parque Warner, since, unlike most of the attractions that have their own space and do not pass through the places that visitors pass through, Batman Gotham City Escape is located in the centre of the park, at the same time that people go through the streets of the park, the rails of the attraction will pass over it!

You have to be brave to escape! Are you? Are you?

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Did you know that...

Inside the station there are different posters that allude to the city of Gotham.

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