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Cataratas Salvajes

Take the plunge down a waterfall at this old Western sawmill
Old West Territory
Type of attraction
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 122 cm
Maximum height: 197 cm
Adult Companion Required
From 110 cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
Accepted Fast-Passes
 One Pass Correcaminos
 Platinum Pase Correcaminos
 Gold Pase Correcaminos
 Silver Pase Correcaminos
Take the plunge down a waterfall at this old Western sawmill

In addition to being the western area of Parque Warner, Old West Territory is the place to go for water attractions. Cataratas Salvajes, located near the famous sawmill, is one of the most refreshing adventures that you could experience.

Sit in the front row (or at the back) and get soaked with water. This attraction falls from a great height, producing a huge wave that is simply spectacular. Once you’re on board, it’ll be impossible to escape a wave of that size! But you won’t believe how much fun it is!

Be as brave as the cowboys from the American Wild West and get on board with your family. You won’t be able to stop laughing, you’ll see! This is one of the most fun and popular attractions at Parque Warner. Whether you sit at the front or at the back of the barge, you will get off dripping wet. Get drenched by the huge wave from Cataratas Salvajes!

Temporarily closed.

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Did you know that...

If you visit Parque Warner on a hot day, you should definitely stop by Cataratas Salvajes. You’ll be soaked after this water attraction!

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Pase Correcaminos

Pase Correcaminos

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