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Los Carros de la Mina

Old West Territory
Type of attraction
Teenagers & Adults
Access limitations
Minimum height: 130 cm
Adult Companion Required
From 120 cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
Accepted Fast-Passes
 One Pass Correcaminos
 Platinum Pase Correcaminos
 Gold Pase Correcaminos
 Silver Pase Correcaminos
Spin out of control with these mining carts from the Old West

It’s located in the Old West Territory, the western area of Parque Warner Madrid. There is a very unique old mine with some carts that have gotten out of control and won’t stop spinning around. What began as an excavation site for extracting precious metals has now become a zany mechanical attraction where you can have tons of fun with your whole family.

The carts at this mine in the Wild West spin around super fast and can change angle at any moment. It is an attraction full of adrenaline! Fun and surprises await you in these crazy carts. You’ll feel your heart racing and, best of all, you won’t be able to stop laughing throughout the ride! Show what a real cowboy you are and how much you love fast speeds.

Come to Los Carros de la Mina (with the Coaster-Express as an impressive background view) and experience incredible sensations as you spin at fast speeds in this ancient mine.


Did you know that...

The seats on Los Carros de la Mina are perfect replicas of the carts that were used in the American West.

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