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Río Bravo

Pluck up the courage to have a blast on this impressive river ride
Old West Territory
Type of attraction
All audiences
Access limitations
Minimum height: 120 cm
Maximum height: 197 cm
Adult Companion Required
From 100 cm
Accessible for people with disabilities
Accepted Fast-Passes
 One Pass Correcaminos
 Platinum Pase Correcaminos
 Gold Pase Correcaminos
 Silver Pase Correcaminos
Pluck up the courage to have a blast on this impressive river ride

Rio Bravo is a Western directed by the great Howard Hawks in 1959, starring John Wayne in the lead role. And it is also one of the most unmissable water attractions in the Old West Territory at Parque Warner.

Spectacular, refreshing, fun... We’re talking about an attraction that can be enjoyed by the whole family, an exciting adventure that takes place in an incredible gold mine, recreated specifically for this purpose. You will also recognise many familiar scenes from the American Wild West as you enjoy the ride (Native American communities, canyons, etc.). You will have seen them in hundreds of films...

Get in one of the boats, hold on tight and enjoy flying down the falls of Rio Bravo, as if you were the gunslinger who just arrived in town. It’s a real blast from the past! The dizzying rapids, unexpected turns and sudden strong currents along channels will flood your body with non-stop adrenaline until you reach the poster showing “The End”.

Hold on tight, there’s plenty of excitement in store! Pluck up the courage to have a blast on this impressive river ride (you’ll want to get straight back on!). You’ll feel like a cowboy, whatever your age. Río Bravo is a water attraction for cowboys of all ages.

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Did you know that...

Río Bravo is also available at Warner Bros. Movie World Australia, with an identical design. The Madrid version was inaugurated in July 2002 by Coyote Dax.

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Pase Correcaminos

Pase Correcaminos

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