Halloween 2019
  • NEW: LA LLORONA: HORROR MAZE. A new passage of terror, unique in the world based on the 2019 movie “La Llorona”, produced by James Wan, features new special effects, live actors and bewildering lights and sound. Located in the area of ​​Hollywood Boulevard. (*)
  • EXPEDIENTES WARREN. This year we incorporate a NEW SCENE of the newly released film of "ANNABELLE COME HOME", where the famous doll will gain even more importance and prominence. Located in the Old West Territory area. Additional payment ticket. (*)
  • FREDDY KRUEGER: A NEW NIGHTMARE. Visitors will be protagonists of his worst nightmare in the thematic passage of the best-known character of horror movies, Freddy Krueger. With a novel design of 10 scenes that recreate the best known nightmares of his films. Located next to the Haunted Hotel attraction in the Movie World Studios area. (*)
  • GHOST TOWN, Scare Zone. This year returns the successful Scare Zone, GHOST TOWN, where an authentic invasion of the most monstrous characters takes place only suitable for the most daring and where it will be difficult to escape ... At nightfall in Old West Territory. (*)
  • NEW: INFECTED Z: Scare Zone. The violent "Z" return to Warner Park. An area of terror where you will be the protagonist of a zombie transfer through the avenues of Warner Bros. Studios. (*) (**)
  • (*) Horror and Scare Zones tickets not recommended for children under 12 years.

    (**) Show that represents the closing days at 24: 00h

  • THE LOONEY TUNES ANIMATED FOREST: Even the most fearful will want to explore this familiar labyrinth with Looney Tunes and discover the beings that live in the forest. Located in the Cartoon Village area. Recommended for all audiences.
Pasajes de terror y Scare Zones

Parque Warner is transformed to offer the most complete and fun Halloween to all its visitors. These are some of the shows and animations that you can see on the day of your visit:

  • WELCOME TO HALLOWEEN. The Looney Tunes, the funniest ghosts and our three brand new witches have arrived at Parque Warner to welcome you to Halloween as you deserve.
  • DELIRIUM: The Musical. At the Hollywood Theater, becomes our most acclaimed musical with musical themes from Metallica. Goo Goo Dolls, H.I.M., AC / DC, Metalwings, Iron Maiden, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Evanescence.
  • NEW: IT 3D EXPERIENCE on the screen of the Chinese Theater. Can you escape the grip of Pennywise the clown? Not recommended for children under 18 years.
  • SCOOBY-DOO AND THE HYPNOTIZING GHOST. The peculiar group of researchers from Misterios S.A. they will have to solve a new case at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard.
  • NEW: THE WITCH RITUAL. A group of witches, with a ritual, tries to invoke the demon from an old dark box. At the end of the invocation the demon makes its appearance.
  • HALLOWEEN PARADE. Dozens of monsters have their place in the parade that will put the final note and that has floats specially designed for the occasion! A spectacular closure for a scary day!
  • NEW: TRICK OR TREAT PARTY PARADE: A parade full of rhythm to celebrate the most impressive Happy Halloween party. (**)
    (**) Show that represents the closing days at 24: 00h
Halloween Parque Warner | Vive un día de miedo

Enjoy family or friends with Halloween from Parque Warner, a Halloween designed for all audiences. Prepare your visit to the Park and you will live a Halloween movie!

If you wish you can live it in a different way with our VIP Packages, in which in addition to the products included, you will also have fast passes for temporary tickets and make the most of your visit.

Entrada Vip Halloween

For those who wish to stop along the way and recover from fright, Parque Warner has a wide variety of restaurants with a wide gastronomic offer. We recommend our our buffets with characters.

Dare to discover what is happening! Visit our buffets with Halloween dressed characters.

Do not miss this unforgettable experience!

Comidas Halloween

The Halloween Fast Pass is a pass specially created for the Halloween season. This pass allows you quick access to one of the three horror passages of Warner Park. If you are one of those who like to live fear first hand, get the Halloween Fast Pass of the passage you like the most and save time to enter.

For each Passage you will have to purchase a Halloween Fast Pass for only € 5. In Warner Park stores you can get them independently of the passage that interests you most.

Be the first to enter the exclusive Halloween passages and save time!

Horror tickets with Halloween Fast Pass service:

Pase Rápido Halloween